Female Vaginal Pain And Dryness Treatments


I will be talking with you about female genital sexual pain. If you are experiencing the genital sexual pain, I want you to know your pain is real. Chronic general pain can be the result of the pain signal in your body actually being stuck in on position. And provoked a genital pain may be the result of nerves, which feel pain, sending a pain signal to your brain that is inappropriately amplified.

You can either disrupt pain in your brain like with meditation or deep breathing, mindfulness, or you can disrupt pain at the side of the pain like with ice or a medical appointment. You can also learn to manage the pain so that you can control it, instead of it controlling you.

If you are experiencing genital pain and you are continuing to engage in painful sexual activity, stop. Because the more you engage in painful sex, the stronger sex and pain to get paired together.

In the meantime find non-painful ways to enjoy sexual or sensual intimacy. So this might mean expanding your sexual menu to other non-painful, perhaps non-penetrative sexual activities. This might mean placing more of an emphasis on sensual or emotional intimacy during this time. If you are suffering from genital sexual pain, there is help.


In my experience, it is common for women to complain about vaginal dryness. This is a normal change with aging or menopause. Many women can also notice pain or burning sensations during intercourse.

The mucosa cells that line the vaginal walls help maintain the healthy environment within the vagina. The acid-base level or pH organisms that typically live in the vagina are important in maintaining healthy function. When these cells don’t work properly, they lose their ability for lubrication and elasticity.


The lubricant can be used to manage dryness. There are different kinds: some water based, and others were silicone. It is important to find one you feel comfortable using. In addition, estrogen can help regain mucosa health.

Low-risk treatment options including intro vaginal estrogen in a cream or tablet. It is important to talk with your doctor if you continue to notice vaginal dryness, or bleeding, or even pain with intercourse. A pelvic exam may be needed. Consider an appointment for the women’s health clinic.