Does Penis Pumping Hurt Penis?

Before using a Penomet penis pump, you must always read the directions carefully. Improper usage of a penis pump can cause skin discoloration, squishy erections, and hematoma. Remember that the member is sensitive organ. It can be damaged by overzealous pumping. If you want to know whether penis pumping can hurt penis, read on our Penomet review 2017. The following is some side effects of penis pumping.

Common side effects

In the short term, penis pumping can cause a temporary or squishy erection. Not only that, small hematoma or bruise, may develop during the usage of the pump. A hematoma is created when the body tissues are put under pressure or strain. The blood rises to the skin’s surface. Then takes on a purplish hue. For most people, the hematoma will disappear within a few days.

The extent of the damage will depend on the hematoma’s location. The gland or the head of the penis is more sensitive, which means the blood vessels in this area are more likely to burst. On the shaft of the penis, the skin is thicker, which means it is less prone to develop a hematoma. If a hematoma develops in this location, this means that the user applied too much pressure.

Common injuries

The skin around the penile gland is notably delicate. During the pumping process, it can suffer injuries such as blisters or bruises. Just like a standard blister, fluid will develop in a bubble under the skin. The biggest problem with a blister is that it can be very painful if friction is added. Continued pump or sexual intercourse can increase the pain, even potentially pop the blister.

As penis pump is known for swelling the penis with blood, they also draw lymphatic fluid into the penis as well. This liquid look similar with the substance found within a blister. In the human body, it is a part of the immune system. When it is present in the penis gland, it will result in a swelling that looks like a donut. Known as “the donut effect,” this problem makes the skin puff out around the gland.

Other common injury includes temporary numbness. For a short period after the pumping process, the user may feel pain. Also, the penis pump can cause bruising in the pelvic area. That is, where the device meets the penis.

Reduced erection frequency and quality


The penis pump can cut off the flow of oxygenated blood to the penile tissues. Over time, this can result in progressive nerve and vascular damage. If not stopped, this can lead to reduced quality of an erection.

Likewise, the device is known for their ability to minimize the sensitivity of the penis. While in the short term it is considered as a positive side effect as it delays ejaculation, over time, it could be a sign of nerve damage.

Long-term penis pump users reported problems with maintaining a hard erection. This is because the continued tissue and nerve damage make erection less frequent as well as harder to achieve.

Female Vaginal Pain And Dryness Treatments


I will be talking with you about female genital sexual pain. If you are experiencing the genital sexual pain, I want you to know your pain is real. Chronic general pain can be the result of the pain signal in your body actually being stuck in on position. And provoked a genital pain may be the result of nerves, which feel pain, sending a pain signal to your brain that is inappropriately amplified.

You can either disrupt pain in your brain like with meditation or deep breathing, mindfulness, or you can disrupt pain at the side of the pain like with ice or a medical appointment. You can also learn to manage the pain so that you can control it, instead of it controlling you.

If you are experiencing genital pain and you are continuing to engage in painful sexual activity, stop. Because the more you engage in painful sex, the stronger sex and pain to get paired together.

In the meantime find non-painful ways to enjoy sexual or sensual intimacy. So this might mean expanding your sexual menu to other non-painful, perhaps non-penetrative sexual activities. This might mean placing more of an emphasis on sensual or emotional intimacy during this time. If you are suffering from genital sexual pain, there is help.


In my experience, it is common for women to complain about vaginal dryness. This is a normal change with aging or menopause. Many women can also notice pain or burning sensations during intercourse.

The mucosa cells that line the vaginal walls help maintain the healthy environment within the vagina. The acid-base level or pH organisms that typically live in the vagina are important in maintaining healthy function. When these cells don’t work properly, they lose their ability for lubrication and elasticity.


The lubricant can be used to manage dryness. There are different kinds: some water based, and others were silicone. It is important to find one you feel comfortable using. In addition, estrogen can help regain mucosa health.

Low-risk treatment options including intro vaginal estrogen in a cream or tablet. It is important to talk with your doctor if you continue to notice vaginal dryness, or bleeding, or even pain with intercourse. A pelvic exam may be needed. Consider an appointment for the women’s health clinic.

Sagging breasts: Causes and Myths


Many women are worried about their breast shape and size. The common problem among women is breast sagging. The most common reason of breast sagging is the pregnancy and lactation. About 90% of women just after childbirth and breastfeeding notice that their boobs lost its shape.

There two main factors of breast sagging:

  • skin flabbiness – the loss of its elasticity;
  • weak pectoral muscles that support the mammary gland.

The causes of skin flabbiness may be:

  • weak muscle tissue and a large bust;
  • unhealthy diet;
  • inadequate intake necessary vitamins during gestation;
  • smoking and alcohol.

Weak pectoral muscle is often the result of:

  • the lack of even minimal physical activity;
  • incorrect body position (bent back / shoulders) in a static position, such as sitting at a PC;
  • large breasts;
  • weak/undeveloped back muscles.

Many women are hoping that motherhood will increase the size of their breasts. This really could happen, but it can also go the reverse process when the size of the mammary gland becomes smaller.

Myths about breast sagging

Now we add a little bit of shock and discredit 4 biggest myths about saggy breasts.Not many people know about them. So, the myths are:

Myth №1. Pectoral exercises such as bench press, prevent sagging


Not certainly in that way. These exercises can improve the overall tone of the pectoral muscles, but they can not change the shape and positioning of the breast. If it has a serious sag for a long time, then the only effective way to correct it is breast surgery. Remember, exercises don’t do miracles, they really work (especially in combination), but they cannot solve the problem of a very sagging breast.

Myth №2. Breasts sag because of too frequent jumps and fast running

It is untrue. Supporting ligaments and the skin surrounding the mammary glands is stretched over time, thus sagging occurs. Gravity also contributes to breast sagging. But running and jumping practically does not affect the breasts.

Myth №3. Breast size remains constant throughout the woman life

No! In addition to pregnancy and breastfeeding, its size may increase / decrease due to changes in hormonal levels, weight and lifestyle.

Myth №4. Creams, lotions can help restore the elasticity of the chest


Undoubtedly, they are able to provide some recovery effect, but on;y if they will be used in a complex action. By themselves, they have a low efficiency.

Benefits Of Using Male Enhancement Pills

Male Enhancement Pills


Male enhancement supplements can be the best solution for men who are suffering from male sexual problems. These pills are provided not only in the health shop but also in the online stores hence it will be super easy to purchase these products. A wide range of choices is available where we can choose a certain male enhancement pills brand that suits our need. There are a lot of reasons why men are starting to use male enhancement pills. One of them is, of course, to make the sexual intercourse livelier and to make our sexual partners satisfied. In here, we are going to explain some benefits that most enhancement pills offer.

First Benefit


The first benefit that we usually hear is the penis enlargement. Yes, it is true that some enhancement pills do offer this benefit where it is able to give the enlargement effect to our penis. However, it will not be an instant result where usually it needs several weeks for the pills to start showing its final result. Some pills also do offer an instant result but don’t trust it too quick since it may be a scam. It is recommended to purchase enhancement pills which have been proven scientifically rather than enhancement pills with too-good-to-be-true offers. Sizepro Ultra formula is the most studied and scientifically proven to be effective. It helps to increase your penis size by 1-4 inches and the success rate is 95%. It means you can expect to see the results. The manufacturer offers a 60-days refund period if nothing happens. You can buy only one month supply and see how it work. Here’s more information about this penis pill

Second Benefit


Another benefit that usually being offered to men is the sexual performance. This is also very important for some men who perform poorly in bed which may lead to their sexual partner’s dissatisfaction. Some male enhancement pills do offer a maximized stamina for men while having sexual intercourse. Some pills even give a long duration effect and some pills just do not work at all hence it is recommended to see users’ reviews see the real effects.

Third Benefit

The third benefit of consuming pills is a better blood flow in the genital area. This is actually the most important benefit comparing to the previously-explained benefits. A better blood flow in that area will make us have a stronger erection as well as a bigger penis. Many scientific studies have proven that better blood flow is very good for maintaining our sexual health. There are actually other advantages that can be derived from consuming male enhancement pills but always keep in mind that only licensed enhancement pills that can give real results.

How To Boost Male Fertility


If you have been diagnosed with male infertility, there are not also medical treatments, but there also some things you can do naturally to boost your fertility.

It is always best to optimize one’s health when you are approaching fertility. So there really simple things, for example for men. Think about what you are eating: healthy foods, whole foods, foods rich in antioxidants is especially important for men.

Take a supplements. For example, Zinc is very important for sperm production.

Also, you should cut off bad things. Cutting back on caffeine and alcohol and cutting back smoking is an important thing to consider.


Stress is a huge fertility killer. It is a silent killer. We cannot measure it in the blood, so doctors do not talk about it a lot. But it affects the whole body. The hormone cortisol which is secreted during stress counters the reproductive organs. That is really important.

Also, heat can be a real problem for men. Men are using laptops on their laps or men take long bath sessions or sessions in the sauna or cycle for long. That all brings heat to the testicles and sperm is produced at the very specific temperature. So you must avoid the heat in order to increase your chances of conceiving.

Also lubricants. Some lubricants can kill sperm. So you should avoid lubricants if you are trying to conceive a baby.

And the final one is ejaculating. Men have to ejaculate regularly. If they let the sperm back up, it dies, and it release bad things in the area to the vital sperm. So it is best not to wait more than seven days when you were trying to get pregnant.

Let’s talk about caffeine. Does it affect male fertility? There are a lot of studies both showing no effect and others showing a significant effect. So it is best to perhaps back of a caffeine. If you are trying to get pregnant, you have to take care of yourself.


So what about herbs and natural herbal supplements that claim to increase male fertility level? There are certain vitamin supplements that are helpful. Most herbal supplements, we do not the information on it, whether they work or not. I think that most of them are harmless.