Does Penis Pumping Hurt Penis?

Before using a Penomet penis pump, you must always read the directions carefully. Improper usage of a penis pump can cause skin discoloration, squishy erections, and hematoma. Remember that the member is sensitive organ. It can be damaged by overzealous pumping. If you want to know whether penis pumping can hurt penis, read on our Penomet review 2017. The following is some side effects of penis pumping.

Common side effects

In the short term, penis pumping can cause a temporary or squishy erection. Not only that, small hematoma or bruise, may develop during the usage of the pump. A hematoma is created when the body tissues are put under pressure or strain. The blood rises to the skin’s surface. Then takes on a purplish hue. For most people, the hematoma will disappear within a few days.

The extent of the damage will depend on the hematoma’s location. The gland or the head of the penis is more sensitive, which means the blood vessels in this area are more likely to burst. On the shaft of the penis, the skin is thicker, which means it is less prone to develop a hematoma. If a hematoma develops in this location, this means that the user applied too much pressure.

Common injuries

The skin around the penile gland is notably delicate. During the pumping process, it can suffer injuries such as blisters or bruises. Just like a standard blister, fluid will develop in a bubble under the skin. The biggest problem with a blister is that it can be very painful if friction is added. Continued pump or sexual intercourse can increase the pain, even potentially pop the blister.

As penis pump is known for swelling the penis with blood, they also draw lymphatic fluid into the penis as well. This liquid look similar with the substance found within a blister. In the human body, it is a part of the immune system. When it is present in the penis gland, it will result in a swelling that looks like a donut. Known as “the donut effect,” this problem makes the skin puff out around the gland.

Other common injury includes temporary numbness. For a short period after the pumping process, the user may feel pain. Also, the penis pump can cause bruising in the pelvic area. That is, where the device meets the penis.

Reduced erection frequency and quality


The penis pump can cut off the flow of oxygenated blood to the penile tissues. Over time, this can result in progressive nerve and vascular damage. If not stopped, this can lead to reduced quality of an erection.

Likewise, the device is known for their ability to minimize the sensitivity of the penis. While in the short term it is considered as a positive side effect as it delays ejaculation, over time, it could be a sign of nerve damage.

Long-term penis pump users reported problems with maintaining a hard erection. This is because the continued tissue and nerve damage make erection less frequent as well as harder to achieve.